Join Us on this Guided Spiritual Odyssey Quest &

Discover the New Blessings that Await You

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* A once-in-a- lifetime adventure, the Reunion with the Divine Odyssey Quest

is a unique alchemy of tour, retreat, vision quest and spiritual adventure


We invite you to join us October 25 - November 3, 2019 as we tour through Catalonia, Spain & France, dancing with the powerfully loving and supportive energy of the Black Madonna

as we explore beautiful lands, have amazing adventures, and discover more of our own true essence.

Registration Deadline EXTENDED to  September 30, 2019


Sharing their Experiences ...

Gina Olson

"I loved everything about the trip. 

I went to Catalonia with the intention that I was going to receive an important gift. One night in Montserrat, something huge shifted around debilitating fear, and my life changed. Here I am, only a few months after returning from the Odyssey Quest, and I’ve recreated myself. So much is moving forward in my life and I’ve learned that I can trust my intuition, take more risks, own what I desire in my life, and let go of trying to figure out all the details. Thank you Sheilaa and Daniel. My life is exciting and I love what it, and I, have become.” 


"The Black Madonna touched me very deeply.

Sheilaa and Daniel did an excellent job, and they work so well together. Their differences complement each other perfectly and I learned from each of them. With my traumatic past with the Church, I wasn’t sure how this was going to be. But the Black Madonna, well, she just simply touched me very deeply. It was a blessing to tour that beautiful part of the world, having memorable experiences all along the way, with such a wonderful group of people. I went last year and I’m coming again this year. I wouldn’t miss it.”

Why I create retreat time for myself.

The Reunion with the Divine Odyssey Quest is a thoroughly unique and joyous way to explore what Your Deeper Life is calling you to.

Get introduced to the Black Madonna

and her blessings

The Reunion with the Divine Odyssey Quest has as its heart the pan-spiritual presence of the Black Madonna. Although her presence and enigma is revered around the world, she is the Patron Saint of Catalonia.


In this video Sheilaa Hite, co-leader the Odyssey Quest gives you a brief introduction to the Black Madonna.