Heart Energy Transformation Meditation

An Audio Guided Healing Session by Daniel Piatek


In this healing audio, I guide you into resting in your Heart as it connects up with other supportive energies. Energies which all have profound intelligence to do what needs to be done in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. 


The healing session is quite straightforward. Simply follow my guidance as I lead you in the audio. 

This is my favorite meditation. I am able to feel the change very quickly. It has helped me make great change in my life. It seems so simple, but is so powerful!!

Tami Koval

Scientist & Healer

Wonderful to calm and center. It also helps to expand and open myself. I have noticed huge shifts in my life when using this amazing healing tool.

Shannon Plummer

Healer & Mentor for Women


Your heart meditation got me through a very difficult time. In fact, it was the main thing that kept me going.

Anna Pavlakis

Shaman, Wayshower, Healer

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The healing session is quite straightforward. Simply follow my guidance as I lead you throughout the audio recording. 


To make the most of the session, get yourself in a space where you'll be undisturbed for 20 minutes. Lay down, or rest comfortably.


There is no goal, nothing to strive for, nothing to do. Just simply follow my instructions to put your attention in your heart, and just keep returning there as you find yourself in your mind. 

I find it a beautiful way to let go and just be. Being sensitive to energy, I let go, float and experience the peace; allowing the world to go on without me for a while and coming back to it feeling peaceful and whole!

Carol Mercuri Hannon

Photographer, Visual Artist

I feel like I'm learning a new, maybe more natural way to be while doing the meditation. I felt calm and like I can take on the world afterwards. Plus, my lady really notices the change in me - and it, well, it pays off! 

Jeff White



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